Most people don’t choose whether to use a septic system or not. They buy a home and then based on where it is located find themselves either connected to the city’s sewer grid or left dependent on a septic tank. If you have a septic tank and are new to this form of sewage disposal, then there are a few things that you need to know. Luckily, regardless of the shape of your system we will be able to meet all of your needs. Our dedicated team has years of combined experience and is very knowledgeable and capable of troubleshooting problems for all types of systems.

What Are Indicators of Issues with My Septic System?

If you have never had a septic system before, you may not know what to look for when something is wrong. The simplest indication of a problem is sewage backing up in the lower sinks and bathrooms of your home. When a septic tank is full of malfunctioning, the wastes have nowhere to go so then tend to push backwards. This is an emergency usually and you should call for next day septic services, because the longer you wait the more sewage is going to leak out and potentially cause damage to your home. Before it gets to this point, you may notice a foul smell outside of your home or inside of your home. That odor is an indication that something without your septic system is not functioning correctly.

Does My Septic System Need Replaced?

It depends on the issue that you are having. Sometimes the backup is simply due to the fact that your septic tank needs emptied. This is quickly fixed and not a long-term concern. However, sometimes the issue is due to malfunctioning parts, rusting pipes, or simply soil erosion causing your system to shift in the wrong direction. These factors may mean that it is time to install a new septic system. Additionally, if you are having problems on a regular basis you may want to think about installing a new septic system, because the one-time cost of a new system will be less than paying for next day services on a regular basis trying to salvage the old system. If you hire us to install your new system, you can also count on us to remove the old system which will help you out tremendously.

What Type of Maintenance Does My Septic System Require?

Once you have your new system in you should plan on having your septic tank emptied every three to five years based on the size of your tank and the size of your home. Our technicians can gladly give you a ballpark figure so you know when to call us to have your tank emptied. When emptying the tank, we will also inspect it to ensure that everything is still in working order so we can proactively troubleshoot any issues. Simple maintenance every few years can help make your septic system last the lifetime of your home, making it well worth your while.